• Get the best shuffles

    With Moody you can create streamlined shuffles with songs in the same mood.

  • Download tags

    Use our database when you get tired of tagging. Now also in a new automatic way.

  • Moody Helper

    Quit Moody and still listen by mood. The Helper takes care of stuff.

    Note that in the videos the composer field in iTunes is used to store the tags. That is optional, the comment field is used by default.

  • Loads of small new features

    Moody version 1.0 is packed with new stuff. This screencast shows a few of them.

  • Goodnight World.

    Moody launched May 13, 2007, and has been downloaded 100k+ times. The latest version was released in June 2009, and there probably won't be any more development. Thanks for everyone caring, it was really fun to do this.

    "Awesome app - I'm addicted!"
    Kevin Rose

    "I like that it's simple and can really put a filter on your entire library."
    Chris Bell, Director of Worldwide Marketing iTunes

Read more: FAQ & Manual/Help

Download: 1.0 for Mac



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