• What is this? I don't get it.

    You first tag your iTunes songs in mood according to the Moody colors. Horizontally the mood goes from sad to happy and vertically from calm to intense music (or make up your own system). When your songs are tagged you can play songs not only by a specific album, artist or genre, but also by the mood you're in.

  • Where do the tags go?

    The tags are stored in the comment or composer field in the mp3 files id3-tags, and in the iTunes database. The previous content in the comment field is still intact, the Moody tag is just added.

  • Can I use Moody in my iPod?

    Yes, you can choose to put the tags in the composer id3 field, which is visible in your iPod. The previous composer information will then be erased. If you don't want that you can keep your tags in the comment field and make smart playlists for each tag.

  • How can I remove all the tags?

    If your tags are in the composer field you can select all tagged tracks in itunes iTunes, right click and choose get info, check the composer field and hit "OK". If your tags are in the comment field, simply download and run this script that will remove all tags but keep the other comment content.


  • Is playback through Moody only?

    The tags are visible in iTunes, so you can make a smart playlist or do a filter search on a tag. But to play combined moods the easiest way is through Moody. If you don't want to have it open, you can launch it, play a mood and then close it. The playlist keeps playing in iTunes.

  • What's playing?

    Moody creates a playlist called "*Moody" located at the top of your playlists under the smart playlists. When you press "play" in Moody, the playlist begins playing but will not be visible until you select it in iTunes.

  • What's the color of love?

    Red should be the obvious answer but apparently it's more of a yellow/greenish color.

  •

    You can find more in depth information about Moody at the help page >



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